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What to wear to Run?

running what to wear

If you're new to a sport there are many things to consider before jumping in.  It is no different if you are new to running.  If you new you will be joining over 60 million Americans who participate in the sport from leisurely getting in shape to 5ks to full blown marathons.  As a new person to running one of your first questions might be; What to wear to run?  This is not just a fashion question as it is important to wear the proper equipment in any sport.  So lets take a look at the workout clothes we should wear.

Find the best running shoes

The most import piece of equipment for running is the running shoes.  There are many things to consider when selecting the shoe.  Make sure you have the correct cushion for your sole and heel.  The shoe should have wiggle room at the end around the toes but should be snug under the arch.  Try your shoes on before you purchase them.  If you buy them online make sure that the company you buy from has a good return policy.  They should feel good from the start. There should be no material or seems that stick into your foot.  Give them a test walk.  There should be no "break in" period for running shoes.  If you want to get more specific help there are stores that will analyze your stride and give recommendations to the type of running shoe is most suitable for you.  Don’t forget socks.  Most of us also need to wear a good pair of socks.  Make sure they fit well and don’t bunch up in the shoe to prevent hot spots and blisters on your feet.

Comfortable tops and bottoms

There is a lot of flexibility with what you choose to wear when it comes to running.  Shorts should be on the shorter side so they do no flop around.  If you are prone to chafing, Dri-Fit shorts will help as it will wick water away from your skin.   Tighter shirts and shorts can also help with chafing.  Be careful wearing too much if it is cold out, as you will heat up significantly once you get started.  Your best bet is to wear a pair of spandex or compression undershirts and shorts.  Compression gear may also help as it holds the muscle in place and can help minimize soreness.


Just a quick note.  Both men and women should wear the appropriate undergarments when running.  Most of us know what additional accessories we need for additional support whether it is an athletic bra for women or a jock strap for men.   If you need them use them – you will be happy you did.     That leads us into the last category of athleticwear – accessories.

Running Accessories

There are many accessories you can choose from depending on the time of year, the area you run in, and the duration of the run.  If it is truly cold you might need a skull cap or a fitted wind breaker or even possibly some light gloves or warmer socks.  They even have a variety of camelbacks for water so you can stay hydrated.  Also don’t forget your favorite pair of sunglasses – just make sure they have full UV protection.


There are many things to consider when running or when starting any new fitness endeavor.  The athletic clothes you wear are not just for looks or style but have very practical purposes for your comfort and well-being.  Do your homework, seek help if you need advice.  There are many experienced people and professionals out there that love the sport and who would be more than happy to assist you with what to wear when you run!

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