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Sizing Up Gymshark: A Closer Look at Fit and Size Accuracy

When it comes to athletic wear, the right fit is as crucial as the design and functionality. In this detailed analysis, we dive into one of the pressing questions concerning Gymshark, a leading brand in fitness apparel: “Is Gymshark true to size, or do their leggings and shorts run small?” Understanding this will help fitness enthusiasts and everyday wearers make informed choices.

Gymshark’s Sizing Philosophy

Before delving into the question of whether Gymshark’s leggings and shorts run small, it is essential to understand Gymshark’s sizing philosophy. Gymshark’s primary goal is to provide activewear that caters to a wide range of body types while offering a combination of comfort, style, and performance. Their approach to sizing reflects this commitment.

Do Gymshark Leggings Run Small?

A common inquiry among potential Gymshark buyers revolves around the question, “Do Gymshark leggings run small?” To answer this question comprehensively, we must consider various aspects:

Material and Stretch

Gymshark leggings are renowned for their high-quality, stretchy fabric. This unique fabric composition can create the perception that the leggings are smaller when not worn, but they are designed to stretch comfortably to fit your body when worn. This feature not only contributes to a flattering appearance but also ensures flexibility during workouts.

Fit and Cut

The style and cut of the leggings can also change how people think about whether Gymshark leggings run small. Gymshark has a lot of different pants, and each one is designed to do a certain thing. There are pants that are made to be tight and supportive, which is called compression. It’s important to tell the difference between a compressive fit (which may feel tighter but is meant to improve performance) and a real size problem. Leggings from Gymshark come in a range of types, such as regular fits, seamless fits, and high-waisted fits. Selecting a style that fits and feels good to you is important for a positive experience.

Gymshark Leggings in Specific Ranges

Leggings from the various Gymshark collections may have slightly varying sizing depending on the collection’s design and function. Some instances are as follows:

  • Seamless Range: Gymshark’s Seamless range is known for its snug fit. These leggings are designed to provide a second-skin feel, which can make them appear smaller compared to other styles. However, they are engineered to stretch comfortably and adapt to your body shape during workouts, ensuring both comfort and functionality;
  • Flex Range: Conversely, the Flex range is characterized by its superior stretch and flexibility. Leggings from this range typically offer a more forgiving fit, making them suitable for various body types.

Do Gymshark Shorts Run Small?

Gymshark Shorts

The question of whether Gymshark shorts run small is similar to that of leggings. While the general consensus from customers suggests that Gymshark’s shorts tend to be true to size, it’s important to keep in mind factors that can influence the perception of size:

Cut and StyleImpact on FitRecommendation
High-WaistedMay offer a different fit compared to regular-rise shorts, even in the same size.Choose a style that aligns with your comfort and fit preferences.
Regular-RiseMay provide a different fit compared to high-waisted shorts, even if they share the same size.Select the style that best suits your comfort and fit preferences.

Comparing Gymshark to Other Brands

To assess whether Gymshark is true to size, it can be valuable to make comparisons with other athletic wear brands. In general, Gymshark aligns closely with standard athletic wear sizing. However, it’s essential to remember that sizing can vary between brands, and factors such as fabric, style, and intended fit can influence how a garment feels and fits on your body. It’s always a good practice to consult Gymshark’s size guides and customer reviews to make an informed choice that suits your preferences and body type.

Gymshark Size Guide

Whether you’re looking for workout leggings, sports bras, or hoodies, Gymshark’s size guide is an invaluable resource to ensure your clothing fits comfortably and performs optimally during your fitness journey. Let’s explore Gymshark’s sizing recommendations, detailed measurements, and tips for using this resource effectively.

Gymshark’s Sizing Recommendations

Gymshark provides sizing recommendations for each of their product categories, which typically include:

  • Tops: This category includes t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies. Gymshark recommends that you choose your regular size for a standard fit, or size up for an oversized look;
  • Bottoms: This category covers leggings, shorts, and joggers. The brand often suggests choosing your regular size, as their activewear is designed to be true to size;
  • Sports Bras: When it comes to sports bras, Gymshark advises selecting your regular bra size for the best fit and support during workouts;
  • Underwear: Gymshark’s underwear collection suggests using your regular underwear size as a guideline.

Remember that individual preferences may vary, so you can adjust your size choices based on how you prefer your activewear to fit.

Detailed Measurements

To further assist customers in selecting the right size, Gymshark provides detailed measurements for each product on their website. These measurements typically include:

Chest (in inches)The circumference of the chest area.
Waist (in inches)The measurement around the narrowest part of your waist.
Hips (in inches)The circumference of your hip area.
Inseam (in inches)The length from the crotch to the ankle.
Length (in inches)The overall length of the garment.
Rise (in inches)The distance from the crotch to the waistband.

How to Use Gymshark’s Size Guide Effectively

Unlock the full potential of Gymshark’s size guide with these expert tips:

  • Self-Measurement Mastery: Use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string that you can later use to check your measurements against a ruler. Carefully measure your chest, waist, hips, inseam, and any other important spots;
  • Browse the Size Chart: Once you have your exact measurements, you can compare them to Gymshark’s detailed size chart for the product you want. This very important step will help you find the exact size that fits your body type correctly;
  • The Customer Chronicles: Check out the wealth of customer reviews. Find out how people with similar body types have felt about how the product you want to buy fits them. This knowledge is especially useful if you’re still not sure about the size;
  • Fit to Your Fancy: The most important thing is that the fit fits your body type. Some people like a tight fit for compression, while others love the freeing ease of a looser fit. Gymshark’s size suggestions are a good starting point, but your own comfort is still the most important thing.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

Hands with oversized paper thumbs-up cutout.

Gymshark has garnered a dedicated customer base, and their leggings are renowned for their quality and style. To address the burning question, “Do Gymshark leggings run small?” we must turn to the valuable insights provided by individuals who have donned these leggings during their fitness journeys.

True-to-Size Experience

Many Gymshark customers have reported a true-to-size experience. This means that for a significant portion of users, selecting the size they typically wear in activewear resulted in a comfortable and well-fitting product. If you generally wear a medium in leggings, chances are Gymshark’s medium will fit you just right.

Sizing Up for Comfort

On the flip side, some users have recommended sizing up, particularly when opting for high-compression leggings. This suggestion often stems from the desire for a slightly looser fit or added comfort during intense workouts. If you prioritize freedom of movement and a less constricting feel, sizing up may be the way to go.

How to Choose the Perfect Size in Gymshark Leggings

Now that we’ve gathered insights from real users, let’s dive into a detailed roadmap for selecting the right size when purchasing Gymshark leggings:

Measure Yourself Accurately

Begin by measuring your body accurately using a soft measuring tape. Key areas to measure include your waist, hips, and inseam. These measurements serve as the foundation for determining your ideal size. Consulting Gymshark’s size guide is crucial at this stage.

  • Consider the Fabric Type: Gymshark offers a diverse range of leggings, and the fabric composition can significantly impact the fit. Some leggings are made from stretchier materials that conform closely to your body, while others may have less stretch. Take into account the fabric type when choosing your size. If you’re opting for leggings with ample stretch, your regular size may suffice. For less stretchy options, consider sizing up for comfort;
  • Harness the Power of Customer Reviews: In the digital age, customer reviews have become invaluable. Dive into Gymshark product reviews, paying special attention to feedback from individuals with body types similar to yours. Their experiences can offer valuable guidance on whether sticking to your regular size or sizing up is the best choice;
  • Personalize Your Fit: Remember that the “perfect fit” is subjective and depends on your preferences. Some individuals prefer a snug, compression-like fit for support during workouts, while others prioritize comfort and opt for a slightly looser fit. Tailor your size choice to align with your personal comfort and performance goals.

Gymshark’s Return and Exchange Policy: Peace of Mind

Sizing concerns can create apprehension when making online purchases. Fortunately, Gymshark’s return and exchange policy is designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Familiarizing yourself with this policy is essential, especially if you’re uncertain about sizing. Typically, Gymshark offers a straightforward and customer-friendly return process, allowing you to exchange or return items within a specified timeframe. Knowing this policy can provide added reassurance, ensuring that you can adjust your selection if your chosen size doesn’t meet your expectations.


The question “Is Gymshark true to size?” can be answered with a cautious yes. While Gymshark’s leggings and shorts are generally true to size, factors like fabric stretch and compression levels can affect how they fit. By considering these aspects and making use of Gymshark’s size guide and customer reviews, you can make a well-informed decision for your next Gymshark purchase.


Is Gymshark True to Size?

Generally, yes. However, consider the style and fabric.

Do Gymshark Leggings Run Small?

They can feel snug due to their compressive nature but typically are true to size.

Does Gymshark Leggings Run Small for Certain Body Types?

This can vary. It’s best to refer to the size guide and customer reviews.

Do Gymshark Shorts Run Small?

Most shorts are true to size, but styles with higher compression may feel tighter.

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