SunFlex prides itself on its high quality materials and advanced technology used in the production of workout apparel and accessories. Here are some of the key technical features of our products:

Technical fabrics

We use technical fabrics that allow for optimal ventilation and moisture wicking. This allows your skin to breathe and stay dry during workouts, preventing discomfort from excess moisture.

Ultra-resistant and elastic

Our materials are highly resistant to abrasion and retain their shape and color even after multiple washings. They also have excellent elasticity, ensuring freedom of movement and comfort during workouts.

Moisture wicking

Many of our products feature moisture-wicking technology that quickly wicks sweat away from the surface of the body, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. This helps maintain optimal body temperature and prevent overheating during intense workouts.


Antibacterial protection

Some of our products have an antibacterial treatment that prevents bacterial growth and unpleasant odors. This is especially important for athletes who train for long periods of time.

UV protection

Some of our workout clothes have built-in UV protection, which helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays during outdoor workouts.

Ergonomic design

We pay special attention to the ergonomics of our products. They are designed with anatomical features of the body in mind, providing the perfect fit and support during physical activity.

Ventilation technologies

We integrate ventilation technologies such as mesh inserts or special openings that allow natural air circulation and cooling in areas of high perspiration.

Improved durability

We use reinforced seams and additional reinforcements in high-stress areas to ensure the durability and long-term use of our workout apparel and accessories.

These are just a few examples of the technologies and materials we use in the manufacturing of SunFlex products. We are constantly exploring new innovations and keeping up with the latest trends in the sportswear industry to bring you the highest quality products.